The Komet is an all composite scale model of the German rocket aircraft of WW2. This was going to be used as an interceptor for the American daylight bomber formations but a bit late in the war to be effective. Another problem was the very limited endurance, around 7 minutes which is about the same as the model.

span 930 mm

Cost is 100 pounds or about $160  and is available in basic colours but can do specials.

Komet hand launch_resize

The model can be slope soared or fitted with an electric motor. It is very fast and not for the beginner.

One customer got over 200 mph using a 6s lipo pack and a special motor. No problem with any airframe failures at that speed.

Fully composite structure, painted in the mold, with live nylon hinging for the elevons which is done during the laminating/vacuum procedure.

Fuselage internal structure is complete. You just need to fit 2 wing servos and fit the motor/esc then you are ready to go.

Instructions can be downloaded from further down this page.

DSC09824rThe Airblade is also fully composite with live nylon hinges. This means easy and fast assembly. Again, this model is very fast flying and thus, not for the beginner.

Can use a variety of motors from cheap 28mm up to 42mm dia.The motor can be fitted internally or on the outside of the engine bulkhead depending on the motor. I am amazed at the small motors customers have being using. Small motors and light batteries are certainly the way for new Airblade customers. Bigger motors and larger lipos make it way faster but the  landing speeds are higher of course.

Canopy has pre fitted magnets so no real building, just assembly with 2 wing servos, linkages, esc and motor, check the balance and go fly.

span 890 mm.                 Bare airframe weight 390 grms

Cost is 85 pounds or around $128 plus shipping.

Instructions can be downloaded from further down this page. Various colours available.









You can download some PDF’s here, just click the link!

The Komet

Komet Manual Final V1

Kits for the Komet cost 160 dollars, please contact me via the contact us page if you would like to know more

The AirBlade

Copy of Airblade assembly instructions version 2

Kits for the Airblade cost  125 dollars, contact us for more details and to order.

The Hawk & The Sabre

We don’t make the Hawk and Sabre anymore but you can check out or download the manuals below

Sabre Manual hi_res

HAWK manual v1